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Recruiters are looking for people who can become leaders, and leadership, itself, depends on several key soft skills. It is often said, hard skills are required to crack the interview

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The goal of UPRISE Academy is to develop the skills of young, aspiring students and interviewees via vigorous training programs. All our courses have the right mix of science, tips

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A productive and healthy work environment depends on soft skills. Once they adapt the leadership behaviours that inspire, motivate, influence and engage people, will help them to climb the corporate

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The unique approach of Uprise Academy

The unique approach of uprise academy We believe in shedding away the jargon and deliver focused training that is highly participative and involves practical insights. We educate the trainees on tips and techniques that will help them to grow from the core.We have tailored programmes serving the purpose of your goal, our training academy has management training programmes, workshops and...

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spoken english level 1 workshop

Personalised Training

For our 6 months training program each of the candidate will be provided with personalised coaching & material


Trainer and candidate will discuss in length about the areas of improvement of the candidate at the beginning of the course and the candidate will scrutinise himself on personalised score cards

3 Dimensional Feedback

Through out the course the assessment process will be three dimensional i.e by the candidate himself along with peers and the trainer.

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