The World Health Organization and UNICEF have both accepted and decreed life skills as an integral component of quality education. It is recognized as a basic learning need for all children and youth.

In fact, WHO recommended a module comprising ten life skills – stress management, problem solving, communication skills, emotions management, creative thinking, self-awareness, interpersonal skills, empathy, decision making, and critical thinking – to every school worldwide to incorporate into the mainstream academic curriculum. (Source: Education World, October 2005).

UNICEF too defines life skills, catalogues studies that have evaluated skills-based programmes, and provides practical tools and materials for schools to introduce life skills education into their curriculum. (Source:

So whether you’re looking to take on new plunge in developing yourself as a leader in your school – we can help.

We are working for a change in revolution -Young people develop great thinking skills and are encouraged to reflect on what, and how they learn. We make you learn in a fun and practical way and which will reflect on how these skills can be applied to different subjects, problems and real-life situations.

Facilitation of Training is categorized as:
• Continuous Learning Program – Training Is Imparted Throughout The Academic Year [In School]
• Off Campus Workshops – Conducted At Weekends At During Vacations

Our school programmes scheduling are customized according to the needs and possible time allotments in each Institution through our activities, which will be tailored to your specific requirements, and thinking skills.


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