It is suggested to get trained from a specialist or practice the following for enhancing the soft skills: Interpersonal skills, Team Building skills, Communication skills, Negotiation skills, Thinking skills, Business Writing skills, Behavioral traits such as attitude, motivation and time management.


The world is changing fast. We need to innovate constantly in order to stay ahead of the competition. That’s where Uprise Academy collaborates with corporates to discover the needs of their employees with respect to communication, soft skills, personality development, selling skills, story telling and lots more……


The training we facilitate at degree colleges (Engineering/ Management/ General) dignifies Life-Skills and Employability Skills catering to both Teachers and Students to help them improve their performance in their respective fields.Our courses are designed under the guidance of industry professionals. You’ll be ….


The World
Health Organization and UNICEF have both accepted and decreed life skills as an
integral component of quality education. It is recognized as a basic learning
need for all children and youth.In fact, WHO recommended a module comprising ten life skills…..


This program is designed to improve communication skills of a person, improve overall personality & social skills of the person. It helps in improving body language, postures, styling, makeup, walking style. It contains modules like Business Communication, Communicative English, Personal….

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